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Pipe Conveyor Belts

"Indus" Pipe (Tube) Conveyor Belts designed to handle ecologically dangerous materials that cause severe pollution to the enviroment and working area.

Suitable to handle :

  • Iron Ore
  • Lime powder
  • Cement powder & clinkers
  • Hazardouse chemicals

Pipe Conveyor Belts have revolutioned the traditional mode of material handling. The belt in this system flattens itself at the loading and discharge stages after it assumes a pipe shape during its forward/return runs. The idlers are arranged in a hexagonal array with three rolls on either side.

Advantages :

  1. It protects the material against rain, dust, wind, temperature, etc.
  2. It eliminates spilling and wastage.
  3. It omits transfer points.
  4. It has two dimension as well as Three dimension curves.
  5. It eliminates canopy on the top of the structure.
  6. It inclines the Conveyor upto 35".
  7. It is enviormental friendly , especially against pollution hazard.

The Pipe Conveyor Belt can convey materials like coal / lignite, sinter, iron,pellets, coke, cement, limestone, clinker, ashes, grains and chemicals

These belts are cost effective, low labour and operating costs make it a very attractive mode of transportation.