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EPDM Roofing Membrane

EPDM membrane for Water Proofing

EPDM rubber is a class of synthetic rubbers made primarily from EPDM polymer. EPDM rubber share a chemical structure that gives them an extra ordinary resistance to Heat, Cold, Sunlight and air pollution, ideal characteristics for a roofing membrane. It is ideal for roofs with poor drainage or where the water proofing is to be covered by gravel, soil, decks, or pavers. In addition, since it is fully UV stable, it can be used for fully exposed applications.

We manufacture EPDM roofing membrane with or without fabric insertion having cloth impression on one or both the sides.

  • Long durability
  • Longevity up to 350%
  • Easy way to fix
  • Highly stretchable and flexible
  • Works under extreme environmental condition (-45oC to +150oC)
  • Resistant to Ozone
  • Resistant to Sun light and UV radiation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Environmental Friendly

Size Manufactured: 1000 mm to 1500 mm wide