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In today`s world, stress while working and uncomfortable working posture is a common problem. Keeping this in view, RAVASCO has developed various range of rubber floorings in order to relieve the arising problems particularly in neck, shoulders and legs.
RAVASCO rubber flooring is PVC free, extra ordinary durable, high wear resistant and having sound insulating characteristics. A common factor for all types of floorings manufactured by RAVASCO.
RAVASCO rubber are resistant to all weather, oil & grease, abrasion, chemical and it has colour fastness as well as good dimensional stability under extreme conditions.
RAVASCO rubber floorings are available in roll form, which simplifies handling, installation and desired length. It is also available in tile form. It has long life length, simple installation and low maintenance cost also provide for a good total economy.
RAVASCO Rubber floorings are ideal for use in high and low traffic areas such as Schools & Colleges, Airports, Rail & metros, hospitals & Public transportation areas etc.